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(Photo: Melissa Yeager/The Republic) Instead of just pretzels. which basically gives you an extra day in paradise without.

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Reports of sick tourists in the Dominican Republic are fueling renewed travel concerns for South Florida residents. of 114 reports becoming violently ill after traveling to the Hotel Riu in Punta.

“Yes, bad stuff happens to tourists, whether it’s a bus crash or a death,” said Eddie Lloyd, an expert on Caribbean travel. “Is it indicative of the destination falling apart? No.” The Dominican.

Why is travel to Jamaica booming and the Dominican Republic is. Different from the Dominican Republic hotels, Jamaica was responsive to eTurboNews, with the exception of RIU Jamaica in January. RIU.

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The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in the Dominican Republic is. according to the World Travel & Tourism Council. The Dominican Republic has it all according to their website.

Last week, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino announced it would. Regional Security Director of International SOS, a travel security company, tells TIME. “I would still consider the Dominican Republic a safe.

(CNN) — The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is removing liquor dispensers. been a unusual spike in reported deaths from the Dominican Republic, and the State Department has not issued a travel warning.

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana said in a statement. On the State Department website, the Dominican Republic has a “level 2” travel warning (on a scale of one to four) that encourages.

These include direct losses like the destruction of hotels, historical and religious. Professionals from Argentine, Cuba,

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Reports say after she enjoyed a drink at a minibar, she suddenly collapsed in her hotel room. The U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory for the Dominican Republic in April for crime before.

The most recent is 55-year-old Joseph Allen who was found dead in his hotel room last Thursday. RELATED: Is the Dominican Republic safe for tourists? Right now, the Department of State only has one.

Five days before a Maryland couple were found dead in their hotel room in the Dominican Republic, a Pennsylvania woman collapsed. according to the World Travel & Tourism Council.

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The Dominican Republic resort, where a Delaware woman claimed she. by a still-unknown attacker at Majestic Elegance in January. Owners of that hotel told travel agents and tour operators that it.

Today, there’s a simpler, less expensive and highly enjoyable option: Travel with your pet. Thanks to an increasing number of luxurious pet-friendly hotels around the world. Chateaux’s only.

So how can you protect yourself if you do travel to the Dominican Republic? Experts recommend staying in American-owned hotels. Also, always check the seals on bottles of water and alcohol, and never.

The Dominican Republic’s tourism ministry announced on Thursday a series of new safety measures “to strengthen the confidence of the traveling public.” The new precautions range from inspecting hotels.

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Still, if you choose to go to the Dominican Republic in the near future (those low season rates are great), here is some general advice: Stay at an international travel brand. There is comfort, I find.

It was a mixed bag of results for Caribbean hotels in June as compared to June 2018. The largest decreases were seen in the Dominican Republic, where June occupancy down 12.2%, to 66.3%; ADR was.